Happy Endings (2010)


Oil and Resin on Canvas
49.5 x 39.5 cm

Paintings of stills taken from end scenes of Rescue 911 episodes. Rescue 911 was an American docu-drama from the 1990’s about real rescues. Each episode featured a few true stories of amazing rescues, stories of automobile accidents, medical emergencies, fires, choking/asphyxiations, miscellaneous injuries, with only a few exceptions the outcome of these emergencies where that all survived without serious injuries. At the end of each feature the viewer got a brief what-happened-next where the people involved in the accident emergency workers, victims and family members got together its from these set up meetings that the stills are taken.

Placenta Previa

303 Placenta Previa (Happy Endings)

Snake Baby

622 Baby Falls Seven Stories (Happy Endings)


Bullet Wound Neighbour


611 Bullet Wound Neighbour (Happy Endings)

Escalator Traps Boy

424 Escalator Traps Boy (Happy Endings)

Icy River

108 Icy River (Happy Endings)

Baby Falls Seven Stories

316 Snake Baby (Happy Endings)

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