The List

Solo presentation part of Figure Two.

Installation and performance.

BALTIC 39, Newcastle, UK.

Wednesday 6 August – Sunday 10 August 2014

Excerpt from exhibition text:

Consisting of performance, installation and video work, Stenbom’s project for FIGURE TWO, The List, as the title suggests, begins with a list. At the beginning of the exhibition week the list will consist of 117 items that the artist wants or needs. During the course of the exhibition, the list will be expanded upon and added to by gallery visitors and the wider public to create an evolving analysis of consumer desires.

Each day there will be a performance in which an actor enters the gallery, stands on a mark in front of a camera, and delivers the list with the aid of a teleprompter. Once the actor is finished, the footage will be captured and projected back into the space, representing the list as an endless audio-visual loop that surrounds the scrolling teleprompter and the actor’s mark.

To gather more items for the list, a data collector is sent out into the city each day with a brief to approach people on the street and ask them to name two products: one they want and one they need. They will be asked to be as specific as possible with their choices focusing on type, colour, make and brand. The collector will return intermittently to the gallery to hand over the data.

I am interested in creating a state of never-ending consumer desire, where economic growth is the answer to everything, by making a list that can be ticked off but never completed. By placing this in a public gallery, one of the few non-domestic places left free from most commercial messages, I hope to create a poignant moment for reflection on the compulsive nature of spending in the pursuit of the good life through consumerism.’


Actor Arabella Arnott

Data collector Gina-Maria McCarthy

Camera operatior Jamie Holgate

Photographs by Colin Davison

Special thanks to Workplace Gallery.

DSC_0002 DSC_0006 DSC_0010 DSC_0014DSC_0033DSC_0050 DSC_0055 DSC_0059 DSC_0064DSC_0071DSC_0082DSC_0104 DSC_0118 DSC_9995 DSC_9998


Rucksack that fits A4 folders
Party shoes
Computer mouse
Draw tablet
Tight fitting low cut long sleeved black top
Armchair x2
Floor lamp
Small thermos
Summer jacket
Measuring cup for spirits
Nail polish remover
for sensitive skin
Large family car
Data projector
HD video camera
A3 printer
Portable hard drive
Cotton underwear
Bed spread
Necklace (matinee length)
Sports bra
Jewellery box
Dressing table
Full length mirror
Night gown
In-door shoes suitable for socialising
Head phones
Tracing paper
Light box
Small office printer for studio
Antiseptic spray for carrying in hand bag
Fitted shirt
Fitted bra
Winter coat
All weather jacket
High quality cotton tops
50’s style bathing suit
Sun glasses
Electric toothbrush
Tooth floss
Bleaching cream for facial hair
Shoe shelf
Garlic pot
Steam cleaner
Water jug
Kitchen scale
Pulley drying rack
Television table
Storage for toys
Hair brush
Hair removal system
Gardening tool belt
Vacuum cleaner
Manual carpet sweeper
Table organiser
Summer hat
Bathroom drawers
Red belt
Cordless phone
Office chair with proper lumbar support
Trainers with curved sole
Notice board
Puffy eye concealer
Laser spirit level
Build in shelves
Make-up foundation
Make-up remover
Hair straightener
Summer shoes
Summer Jacket
Toilet roll holder
Eye Mask
Kitchen mixer
Double glazing (replacing existing)
Roof Gutter
Compost bin
Small sink for downstairs toilet
Under bed storage
Cheese storage container
Label maker
Garden hose
Vinyl gloves
Water spray bottle
Ironing board
Large postal tubes
Heated drying rack for towels
DAB radio for car
Compact powder
Large make-up brush
Fire extinguisher
Cross trainer
Lounge chairs for garden
Small mirror for handbag
Mattress (to replace existing)
Health grill
Palette knife
Black ink
Architect drawers
Knee long dress with pockets
Personal attackers alarm
Whistle activated keyring
Staple remover
Socks (knee height)
Frames (for art works)
Glass measuring jug
Small Kitchen Scale
Silicon utensils
Wellie boots
Make up sponges
Wine cooler
Stainless steel cafetière
Silicon muffin tray
Steamer (food)
Soda streamer
Foot cushion
Ballerina sock liners
Eyelash curler
Make-up mirror (for bathroom)
Nail brush
Door knobs (to replace existing)
Boxing Gloves
Running shoes
Hot pants
Stripper heels
Tailored suit
Nose plugs
Golden jumper
Thin summer mac
Bum bag
Cowboy boots
Coral lipstick
Leather jacket
Babydoll nighty
A bike with a basket
Designer sunglasses
A big diamond
A large fridge
Lunch Box
Hiking shoes
A new bathroom
Wine glasses
Hair extensions
Sleeping bag
Mobile phone (to replace existing)
Stilettos with toe peek
Gold fringe dress
Prime 24 mm lens
Games console
Single speed race bike
House plant
Flowers for hair
Motorbike helmet
Punch bowl
Women’s blazer
Digital SLR Camera
Black hair dye
Vintage lamp
Home pedicure set
Leather notebook
Nail art pens
Guitar (electric)
Leather boots
16mm film camera
Bread maker
Aloe plant
Shower door
Coffee machine
2 man tent
Bath oils
50 inch flat screen TV
Mosaic garden table
Floral trousers
Camping cocktail glasses
Brick pizza oven (for garden)
Black bin liners
Handbag with working zip (sky blue)
Contact lens solution
Watch in rose gold
Black suede dye
Negative scanner
Extra hold hairspray
Rugby shirt
Raised double bed
Large winter coat
Hair extensions
Summer shorts
16gb SD card
Light summer jumper
Designer bag
Wheels for car (replacing existing)
Facial cleanser
Outfit for night out
Cotton bed sheets
Espresso machine
Vintage blanket
Golf clubs
Air brush foundation
Inch loss body wrap
Wrist straps for weightlifting
Good quality track suit
Desert boots
Wedding dress
Red car
Juicing machine
Tweed blazer
Bed settee
Sketch book
Sexy underwear
Sketching pencils
White cotton shirt
Complete works of Shakespeare
Gardening shoes
Maternity summer dress
Hot tub
Hair growth system
Gel nail polish
Lemon flavoured hot drink (cold and flu remedy)
Camera bag for compact camera
A red dress
Hard back envelopes
Cake mixer (retro style)
Computer tablet
Cake stand (glass)
Suitcase (for hand luggage)
Tablet holder (for car)
Checked shirt
Red high heel shoes
Drum kit
Evening dress
Swimming pool
Book (Romantic comedy)
Vintage tea set
Solid shampoo
Smart shirts
Coloured paper (multipack)
secondary glazing
Log burner *2
Sea grass matting throughout house
Effective lip balm
Flat strappy sandals
Thin cotton dress with poppers and pockets
Zip wheels for carbon road bike
Car (replacing existing)
Pink tyres (for bike)
Sunglasses with changeable lenses
Smart blinds for kitchen

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