In Waiting (2014)

Single Channel HD film

10 minutes 40 seconds.


In Waiting looks at the unbearable anxiety of waiting for potential lifechanging medical results. Set inside a hospital waiting room the film follows JOHN from entering the hospital until the time time he is called as well as the actions, conversations and interactions between him and other patients waiting to be seen.

JOHN arrives at the hospital waiting room. His anxiety for the results grows stronger as he interacts with unfriendly staff, overhears conversations and spots ominous messages. JOHN gets further and further trapped into his own conviction of an impending death sentence; the walls are closing in…

FAY has set up an office in the waiting room, she is ignoring the other patients and hospital enviroment, she hasn’t got time to be ill. She is terrified of showing weakness or vulnerability. Meanwhile STEVE has been stuck in the waiting room seemingly for ages. His anxiety for what he might be told manifests itself in an overtly physical manner. STEVE is pacing the room to control his nerves.

Principal cast includes Ross Mitchell as JOHN, Dylan Brown as STEVE and Nisha Anil as FAY. In Waiting is produced by Gerry Maguire and Pins & Needles Media. Cinematography by Emma Dalesman, edited by Nick Light and original score by Ziad Jabero.

In Waiting was commissioned by Creative England in association with the BFI NET.WORK as part of the iShorts scheme.

I was interested in exploring the feeling of anticipation and how people handle this pressure, to capture a moment of uncertainty. The idea for this film came from accounts I’ve been collecting, from friends and acquaintances, about waiting for medical results and their experiences inside the hospital environment. My intention was not to attempt to create a realistic depiction of a doctors hospital waiting room, but a re-interpretation of a scenario that have been experienced either as first hand, in our imagination or through fiction.


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