In Waiting

In Waiting (2014) was commissioned by Creative England in association with the BFI NET.WORK as part of the iShorts scheme.


John is anxiously expecting medical results; he encounters Steve and Fay at a hospital waiting room, when waiting gets unbearable their individual coping mechanisms collide.  ‘In Waiting’ explores the human intolerance for uncertainty in a high-stake environment by capturing a moment of anticipation and individual response to this pressure.

Director’s statement:

“I was interested in exploring the feeling of anticipation and how people handle this pressure, to capture a moment of uncertainty. The idea for this film came from accounts I’ve been collecting, from friends and acquaintances, about waiting for medical results and their experiences inside the hospital environment. My intention was not to attempt to create a realistic depiction of a doctor’s hospital waiting room, but a re-interpretation of a scenario that have been experienced either first hand, in our imagination or through fiction.”

Principal cast includes Ross Mitchell as JOHN, Dylan Brown as STEVE and Nisha Anil as FAY. In Waiting is produced by Gerry Maguire and Pins & Needles Media. Cinematography by Emma Dalesman, edited by Nick Light and original score by Ziad Jabero.



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