REMAKE (2016) explores the experience of space in screen-based fictions and is based on collected descriptions of interiors part of wider cinematic narratives, re-interpreted as new fictional spaces. The film premiered in 2016 at Aesthetica Short Film Festival in the Experimental Film category.


“I started this project by collecting accounts from individuals; I asked for a description of an interior from a fictional feature film. Asking them to describe the atmosphere, architectural style, colours, furniture, sound environment etc, without revealing the name of the film.

The collected accounts became micro narratives in themselves, subjective records of experiences of fictional spaces. I then started the process of reimagining the spaces described, where details were missing, I filled in the blanks.  I used modelling techniques and trompe l’oeil to re-create the spaces. When it came to shooting and then subsequently editing the footage, I had to think about how to establish an interior without a story or character to present. I referenced footage from cinema, different genres and periods to inform the shooting strategy, but kept the original descriptions close to hand when making creative decisions. The point of this project was not to create an illusion of a realistic space, filming the models I purposefully wanted to draw attention to its construction, materials and scale.”

ASFF 2016 Catalogue

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