How To Choose (2012)

How To Choose 2012 Short Film Duration: 3 Minutes 31 Seconds Produced by Third commissioned as part of The Artist Cut by Northern Film & Media in association with Channel 4. How To Choose is a short film about small seemingly insignificant every day choices, such as what to wear, what crockery to choose or what to bring with you for the day. Guided by a female narrator, who addresses the camera, in a deadpan manner, the story is told as instruction rather than personal reflection. Flawed with anxieties around illness, death and other bad outcomes, the decisions described are made using partly logic and partly a set of made up rules. Set in a modern stylish home, the structure of the work is inspired from existing television formats; the instruction film, the makeover show, and the docu-drama, juxtaposed against a more personal narrative. How to Choose is about the desire to remove the agony of decision making in a world constantly bombarded with endless possibilities in the quest for a less anxious existence.

Produced by Samm Haillay and Duane Hopkins

With Arabella Arnott

Director of Photography Damien Pawle

Editor Ben Wilson

Production Manager Jack Tarling

Production Design Kate Eccles

Sound Recordist & Sound Design Andy Ludbrook HOWTOCHOOSE03 HOWTOCHOOSE02 HOWTOCHOOSE HTC12  

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